Installing the Integrated Development Environment

Installing the Integrated Development Environment

I.D.E. (abbr. «IDE» from the English. «Integrated Dev-Engagement Environment») – a software package that consists of everything you need to develop, compile, and debug Linking code. For writing C++ programs, we need to install one of these IDEs.

How do you choose? Microsoft Visual Studio (for Windows users) or Code::Blocks (for Linux / Windows users) are strongly recommended. Installing another IDE is also possible. All development environments should be able to apply the concepts covered in these lessons. There may be some differences in the code between different IDEs, so you will need to find additional information about how to use the IDE of your choice.

Table of contents:

  1. IDE for Windows users
  2. IDE for Linux / Windows users
  3. IDE for macOS users
  4. Web compilers

IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for Windows users

Install the “Community” version of Visual Studio 2019 (it’s free; all other versions are paid), if you’re a Windows user (we’re all Windows users):

Once the installer has been downloaded and run, you will need to select “Development of classic C ++ applications”. The items already selected by default on the right side of the screen do not need to be touched – everything is fine there, just make sure the checkbox next to the item “Windows 10 SDK” is checked. Despite having Windows 7 or Windows 8, the package can be used on previous versions of Windows as well, so there’s no need to worry. Then press “Install”:

Other items can be checked next to the box for downloading, but note that the IDE will be increased.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Linux / Windows users

Install Code:: Blocks if you are a Linux user (or Windows user who wants to write programs that can be easily ported to Linux). This is a cross-platform IDE for Linux and Windows that is free to use.

Users of Windows should download the MinGW-enabled version:


The setup is easy: just agree with all the requests. Code :: Blocks provides the option to disable C++ 11 / C++ 14 functionality. This feature can be found in “Settings” > “Compiler”:


Then click “Yes” next to “Have g++ follow the C++14 ISO C++ language standard [-std=c++14]” in the Compiler Flags tab:

Compiler Flags

IDE for macOS users

Xcode and Eclipse are available to Apple tech users. The C++ components are not installed by default in Eclipse, so you’ll need to install them separately.

Web compilers

Simple, small programs can be written using web compilers. In terms of functionality, they are limited: as a result, if you are serious about programming, you should download a more complete IDE. Web compilers should only be used for the quick execution of small programs.

Popular web compilers :


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